Brandon bleyer

Brandon is a first year at the college studying Economics and Public Policy. Brandon's primary areas of academic interest include social theory and competitive business analysis. He participates in the Neighborhood Schools Program working in the 4th Ward Alderman's office as a public policy intern. In his free time, Brandon enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and following the college basketball and the MLB. He is excited to engage with Chicago South Side stakeholders looking to improve their community.


brett dean

Brett is a 2nd year economics student Minoring in French, He originates from the Isle of Man where his family still lives. He has keen interest in international politics and modern history. He is a member of the squash club on campus and is an avid supporter of Liverpool Football club as well as a skiing enthusiast.


Dhruv Bhartiya

Dhruv is a second year Economics and Public Policy major from the University of Chicago. He is involved with various financial and community-service RSO's on campus. In the future he hopes to combine his love for entrepreneurship and social-service to start his own impact fund. Dhruv loves playing and watching soccer, camping and cooking.


emily zhu

Emily is a second year double majoring in Economics and Philosophy & Allied Fields, from New Jersey. She joined PDF in the Spring of 2018 as an associate. In her free time, she enjoys watching comedy specials, trying out new restaurants, and swimming.


james koehne

James is a third-year, majoring in economics and psychology. As an associate, he is excited to utilize his experience in financial RSOs like Phoenix Funds, Maroon Capital, and Moneythink to achieve impact in our local community. In his spare time, he likes watching Survivor, listening to podcasts, playing intramurals, and looking for the best food in Chicago!


kristen lam

Kristen is a first year from Hong Kong, with a passion for social change. She is interested in entrepreneurship and consulting, and pursues them through various organizations on campus. She believes in positive social impact in communities and hopes to help business in the South Side with strategy and management. Kristen loves dog, spending time with friends, and meeting new people.


maya subbakrishna 

Maya is a third year in the College majoring in Statistics and English. Outside of classes, she is involved in the Trott Business Program, Inter-House Council, and is the co-organizer of UChicago’s annual TEDx Conference. She also enjoys baking, crossword puzzles and, as a New York native, is always on the search for good bagels and thin crust pizza.


megana deme

Megana is a first year economics major from Southeast Michigan. She is enthusiastic about healthcare and solar energy, and is excited to work with local nonprofits. In her free time, you can find her binge-listening to fleetwood mac or exploring new food places in Chicago.


michael montoya

Michael is a second-year statistics and economics double major at the University of Chicago. He is interested in finance and has interned at a private equity shop in downtown Chicago and hopes to make a difference in the south side of Chicago. In his free time, Michael enjoys playing soccer, playing upright and electric bass and scuba diving.


tanner houghton

Tanner is from Dallas, Texas and is a second-year double majoring in Economics and Slavic Studies. After completing his first year at The University of Chicago, Tanner spent two years founding a non-profit English education program in Eastern Ukraine. He loves the Boy Scouts of America, is an Eagle Scout, and has been an active member for fifteen years. Tanner began waterskiing at age two and spends most of his leisure time on the lake.


ted kim

Ted is a second year Economics and CS major from the US. At the University, Ted is involved with various organizations on campus as well as his own independent work. Outside of school, Ted loves attending hackathons and tech-related events.


xavier worsley

Xavier is a first year planning on majoring in Political Science; he joined PDF in the Spring of 2018. Xav is particularly interested in the function of rhetoric in a business environment, and is excited to branch out and develop his abilities at PDF. Before joining PDF, he took a gap year in which he founded a startup and engaged in international volunteer projects addressing the global refugee crisis. He is an avid reader and loves to play soccer in his free time.